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Mission & History

The journalism and communication education of Xi'an Jiaotong University has been developing for 15 years. The School of Journalism and New Media, which is abbreviated as the School of New Media, was founded in April 2015. It was co-founded by Xi'an Jiaotong University and the Propaganda Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee. It is the earliest New Journalism school named after the new media in China as its direction of teaching and scientific research.

It has one primary Academic Master program in journalism and communication (2011), covering two secondary disciplines, namely Communications (2003) and Journalism (2011), and one Professional Master's degree program in journalism and communication (2010), which is one of the first 48 professional degree programs awarded by the Ministry of Education. Doctoral students were recruited in the direction of cultural communication in the doctoral program of Marxist theory in 2007, and were recruited in the direction of theory and practice of Journalism and communication since 2010. In 2016, we added new Network and New Media undergraduate major, with an average annual enrollment of about 30 students. So far, a "undergraduate - Master - doctor" training system has been initially formed.

With 5 professors, 4 associate professors and 19 lecturers, there are 28 full-time teachers in our school, 25 of which have doctoral degrees and 82% of teachers are under 45 years old. There are 15 master's supervisors and 5 doctoral supervisors. It has one expert with special allowance from the State Council, one member in the Supporting Program for the Cultivation of Famous Teachers of Network Education in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education, one member of the Education Steering Committee in journalism and communication area of the Ministry of Education, two members of the Young Talents Program A and one member of Program B, one Innovation Team of "San Qin Scholar" in Shaanxi Province. There are 15 standing members/vice-chairmen/chairmen of various societies and research societies.

With the guiding ideology of "taking advantage of inter-discipline and highlighting the characteristics of engineering", guided by major national and local needs, aiming at first-class disciplines, basing on "major projects, platforms and achievements", we mainly focus on five research areas, such as new media and social governance, big data public opinion and government new media, data journalism and visualization, new media and political communication, and new media and cultural communication. We will continue to expand research areas and form distinctive scientific research advantages.

We has two provincial bases, namely Shaanxi social science popularization base "Network Public Opinion Science Popularization Base" and Network Public Opinion Research Base in Shaanxi Province. We have a New Media and Social Governance Research Center which is one of the Shaanxi University New Think Tank (Category A). We have a Shaanxi Penguin New Media Institute, a New Media Innovation Application and Brand Building Laboratory, and a Shaanxi Intelligent Media Research Base and a Government New Media Research Center. Since the establishment of our School, more than 100 scientific research projects have been approved, including a major research project in philosophy and social sciences of the Ministry of Education. The high-level research results are published in top international and domestic periodicals, such as International Journal of Communication, Asian Journal of Communication, Journalism & Communication, XinHua Digest, Chinese Journal of Journalism & Communication, Journalism Bimonthly and Modern Communication.

To integrate innovation research with government guide, industry cooperation, and personnel training, our school actively provides multilevel and all-round social services to various kinds of occupations. We have built dozens of practice bases with Shaanxi Branch of People's Daily, Beijing Qingbo Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Science and Technology Newspaper, Tencent Daqin Network, China Science Daily and Yan'an Journalism Memorial and so on. In 2018, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Education Training Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to build a New Media Talent Evaluation Center.

As an effective supplement to classroom instruction, we has set up a Journalism and New Media Forum which has held 42 lectures with a broad impact both inside and outside the Shaanxi province. We have launched "Ten Cases and Research Report of Shaanxi Network Communication" jointly with Shaanxi Communication Society for many years, and published "2016 Shaanxi Government Wechat Development Report" jointly with Tencent Daqin Network. Cooperating with Cyberspace Administration of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, we have published internal references Public Opinion Research and Public Opinion Observation for more than 100 issues, published "2017 National Government Weibo Activity Evaluation Report" and "2017 Shaanxi Province Government New Media Impact Assessment Report", etc. More than 240 professional training sessions have been provided for enterprises and institutions in Shaanxi Province and all over the country, with more than 20,000 participants, contributing to the progress of public opinion governance concepts and practices. We actively provides think tank consultation services to all sectors of society, especially to government departments. The consultation reports have been approved by a central leader and some members of the standing committee of Shaanxi provincial Party committees for several times, which has a substantial policy impact. They has also won the 3rd prize of the 2017 Excellent Decision-Making Award and the 2nd prize of the 2017 Provincial Party and Government Leadership Outstanding Research Achievement.

The School has held a series of high-level national and international academic conferences, including "Annual Conference on Media Economy and Management in China", "Network and New Media Program Construction and Discipline Development" Summit Forum, "1st China Journalism and Communication International Publishing Forum", "3rd China Data Journalism Competition and Data Journalism Education Development Summit Forum", "Innovation and Development of New Media in Government Affairs" Seminar, Summit Forum on Integration of New Media Disciplines and Training of Excellent Journalists, etc.

Since the new media technology and the information dissemination are changing constantly, new media students need to keep improving their journalism and communication knowledge that we all know develops with the times. Inheriting XJTU’s tradition of innovative and open education, we aim to build a teaching and research highland, a new knowledge and new thinking platform, and a high-end innovative think tank of academic research, policy consultation and technical support for the whole country. We always hold to use our study of journalism and communication to serve the national and local economic and social development, and constantly promote the development of China's and regional news communication and new media industry, education and research.

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