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Create a platform for journalism researchers to learn and communicate

Since the introduction of communication into China in the late 1970s and early 1980s, scholars in Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) have paid close attention to it with strong academic sensitivity and applied its theories and methods to news propaganda and evaluation of the film and television, publishing a number of articles. This kind of attitude and behavior towards the early self-acceptance and practical application of communication science has directly influenced and guided the major construction and discipline development of Journalism and Communication in XJTU. Subsequently, papers on the fourth media and network Journalism appeared around the new century, which belonged to one of the earliest research results in the relevant fields in China. Then, the textbooks Introduction to Communication, Journalism Interview and Writing and Master's degree in Communication came into being around 2002, bringing together a group of outstanding teachers, experts and scholars in the media and journalism fields, which form a high-quality teaching and research team, and become a force to be reckoned with in the field of journalism and communication in Northwest and Western universities.

At the beginning of 2008, when the university decided to nominated the leader of all disciplines, I was lucky to be appointed as the leader of the first-level disciplines of Journalism and Communication. One of the biggest realistic tasks at that time was to find a reasonable outlet for the teachers engaged in journalism and communication teaching and research so as to make them work officially. As a result, the Institute of Journalism and Communication of XJTU was established in November 2008, marking the first time in the history of XJTU's discipline development that a professional academic institution named after journalism and communication has emerged. In April 2015, the School of Journalism and New Media of XJTU was established. As the earliest school named by new media in China, it strives to find a new way in the mode of running a school and co-construction.

The School of Journalism and New Media has gathered a high-level teaching and research team with excellent moral character, indifference to fame and wealth, quick thinking, correct academic style, sincere unity, good academic thinking and practical problems solving ability. With the help of the theories of journalism, communication, big data and artificial intelligence, from the research perspectives of new media and social governance, communication phenomena and behavior, the law of development of communication activities, communication and human beings, communication and media, and communication and society, we can puts forward practical solutions to the theoretical and practical problems closely related to the practice of new media journalism communication as well as the image promotion, brand planning, marketing, corporate culture shaping, media response and so on, which are in the field of journalism communication and proposed by government departments, enterprises and institutions, and media organizations.

I believe that the School of Journalism and New Media is not only an important platform and base for the study of new media and journalism communication, but also an adviser and assistant of the government and industry.

                                                                           LI Mingde

                                                                             Dean of School of Journalism and New Media, XJTU  

                                                                             By June 2015

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